Taxi driver pens heatwave song from front seat of his car

 A taxi driver in the city  sitting in the sweltering heat wrote an energetic song about climate change.   Shane Hill -  stage name Shane Love - hopes the bop will make people  rethink how they treat the planet.   Shane, who runs Shane Love Taxi, produced the first song in his garage about the England football team during the Euros.   The driver was passionate about writing music while filming, but did not expect his work to be so well received.   "It's usually sports because I'm a big football fan  but I also use my platform to talk about what's going on in the world."   Shane was  most recently inspired by the heatwave that swept the city last week.   He writes 'World Vision' from the front seat of his taxi before recording it in his garage.   He added, “I was really sweating and there was no air conditioning.   "When I started  thinking about the lyrics."   Then he started humming a tune in his head so  he could put everything together in his